Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hi everyone! :) Today's blog post is a restaurant review of a Thai place in Glendale. This cute restaurant has mainly take out orders, but over my sisters spring break we decided to sit in and try a few dishes. And it was definitely a good life decision!

The restaurant is called Thairama, and the link for anyone who is interested is here :)

The first dish is the pineapple fried rice. This rice is absolutely delicious, and is my favorite! There is curry seasoning, pork, onion, cashews, egg, tomato, and of course--pineapple! A definite must have.

The second dish is orange shrimp. The shrimp is crispy and glazed with a slightly sweet sauce, and served over crisp lettuce. Also very good!

Since we came to a Thai place, we had to order curry :) This is their Panang curry, and it's literally an explosion of flavor. It's making my mouth water just thinking of it! The curry is savory, sweet, spicy, and it has chicken, green and red bell peppers. The taste can be almost overwhelming if you're not used to it, but my sister said, "this is a kind of dish I would crave on a random day," and I definitely agree with that statement.

Lastly, we ordered lard na which is a noodle dish served with chicken, broccoli, and lots of sauce. This dish is my moms favorite!

Thairama in Glendale is small and charming, and is very well-suited to takeout. When picking up the dishes, they are always piping hot, and retain their heat well for the trip home. I wouldn't necessarily recommend eating in for a glamorous experience, but I did enjoy going there with my sisters!

The food here was absolutely delicious with no disappointments in flavor. Thank you Thairama for being awesome! :)


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